Our goal is to provide a collaborative cloud platform for creating sharable and reusable BIM data using technology for better understanding, decisions, coordination, and employee happiness across organizations.

Our mission is to bring down the confusions and questions in design projects and help our customers complete their designs not just to meet the code requirements but to make the construction flexible, fast and economical.

Our purpose is to provide real time, traceable BIM data access and foresight to all our customers at speed and scale to help them complete their projects early, avoid design changes and budget overruns in construction projects.

Our aim is to bring down the reusable BIM data creation time by at least 50% through VIRTUELE design automation tools and eliminate your frustration during construction.

Our Story

VIRTUELE is a next generation cloud software company that aims to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring more insights to your construction projects.


In the traditional approach, the Structural Engineers design steel structures meeting the code requirements. The need for revisions and changes arise when the Manufacturer finds issues with mismatching information in Architectural and Structural designs, connection clashes at common nodes and geometry issues.



VIRTUELE Design Automation Tools and workflows eliminate these problems by addressing the issues at the design stage. VIRTUELE tools automates manual tasks and intelligently analyzes tens of thousands of records in the 3D Design Model that’s humanly impossible to show you the problems that you may see during construction. Early detection of problems will save significant time in your construction projects and avoid costly redesigns and construction project budget overruns.


Our Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) model helps in completing the tasks that require your attention and involvement. A combination of automation and HITL will bring intelligence and significant speed to your projects. Our fast and reliable data analytics and insights show you things you did not know about and help you make right and early decisions in your projects.

VIRTUELE was born due to the frustrations I experienced while running my other engineering services company for 20 years because of the gaps in the construction industry. Inability to reuse the design BIM data by all the users in projects always resulted in unnecessary questions and confusions.


It is really a waste of time and money to recreate the same BIM data multiple times in a project to meet the requirements of design and construction. The disconnect between 2D and 3D created unwanted questions leading to frustration among all the people involved in a construction project.


70% of time spent on recreating the 3D BIM can be saved just by changing the workflow to bring the skills needed early on in the project to complete the design to suit the construction needs and create reusable 3D BIM data.

Mahesh Nagarajaiah
Founder & CEO