VIRTUELE – A Cloud Platform for BIM Data Management and Collaboration in Construction

Our design automation and BIM tools bring speed and accuracy in your projects.

We never leave you alone.

Our collaborative workflow supports human in the loop when automation is not possible.
Our teams will help you at every stage of your project to make you succeed and carry the risks along with you until you are ready to drive by yourself.

Don’t take our words.
Experience it and decide if VIRTUELE is truly beneficial to your organization.

VIRTUELE Connect - Structural Steel Connection Design

Use your Revit Design Stick Model to design the best connections for your structure.
Try multiple connection combination options to find the ones best suited for your projects.

  • Don’t just automate, Optimize your connection design.

    VIRTUELE automates your connection design and intelligently transforms your connection design data suitable for fabrication and erection.

  • View your Connection Design results in the 3D Model

    Check your designs at every node in a 3D model view. Modify your inputs to finetune your connections with the click of a button.

  • Upload your Revit design stick model

    Define your preferences and sit back and relax. We design your steel connections in a matter of hours. You have a very large job? It still takes only hours to design tens of thousands of connections and not weeks or months.

  • Don’t have Revit but a Tekla stick model?

    No worries.
    We can read your Tekla 3D Stick Model and design the same safe and economical connections at the same speed. The process is the same, only the input model is different.

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3D BIM - Automation and reusable BIM Data

  • Connect your 3D Models faster

    VIRTUELE 3D Modeling automation tools will connect your 3D Model faster than you can imagine. Your designs are always safe and per code but are there any fabrication issues? We will check them for you.

  • Need to design Structural Steel connections in your project?

    Use VIRTUELE Connect to design your steel connections.
    Prefer to use your standard steel connections? No problem, we can build a custom connection library of all your connections on VIRTUELE. Just upload a design stick model, and define your preferred connections. Rest is only a magic.

  • Connected 3D Models in Revit or Tekla

    You can now connect your Revit design stick models to meet the LOD350 requirements. Your fabricator needs a Tekla model? No worries, just mention this in the settings. We have it taken care already.

  • Are you looking for LOD400 models?

    We can create them also for you. Our Human-In-The-Loop model (HITL) process helps you create custom 3D Models and shop drawings per your manufacturing requirements.


Steel Quantity Take Off (QTO)

VIRTUELE QTO helps customers in defining a budget for steel early on in their projects.

  • The steel quantity takeoff reports and sample shop drawings can now be included in your design package to bring more clarity in your projects.

  • You can define the baseline steel cost in your projects for initial budgets and track them through the course of the project.

  • Use VIRTUELE automation tools to see the impact of various connection options on your project cost.

Workflow to manage RFIs and issues in your projects

Are you working with multiple internal and external project teams?

  • Use our RFI workflow to define and manage issues in your projects.

  • Create RFIs on a 2D drawing or a 3D model or use a simple web form.

  • Track your cost and schedule impacts due to RFIs on a single dashboard.

  • View and answer questions almost instantly. Remove the wait time and productivity loss in your projects.

  • Track the status of your RFIs and set auto reminders to remind busy people. Get all that attention your project needs.